Cultural tours are often the best way to see the main highlights of a country & immerse yourself in its culture. All of our cultural tours & holidays are run by responsible operators who will also ensure that your trip is mutually beneficial to both you as a visitor and the local people and environment.

Tanzania is home to 120 ethnic groups, from all four groups of African people, (Bantu, Cushites, Nilotes, and Hamitic), which given rise to the Swahili civilization. The richness and complexity of this ethnic make-up makes Tanzania the perfect African vacation spot to truly see it all.

Hakika Africa will ensure that you enjoy the wonderful mix of cultures, the rich history and fascinating traditions.

The cultural immersion tours we offer are:

  • 1 or 2 day trips to stay with the Maasai people

  • 1 or 2 day trips to stay with the Hadzabe Bushmen

culturalThe Maasai 

For visits to Maasai villages, tourists will get the chance to have a fascinating experience learning about the Maasai way of traditional life and their pastoral ways, marked by the herds of cattle the people collect to show their wealth.

Camel rides through the village can be arranged with enough advance notice. If you are lucky, you will get to catch them performing their traditional initiation ritual which marks the transition for their young teenagers into manhood.

culturalhadzabeThe Hadzabe Bushmen 

We also provide visits to Hadzabe Bushmen, who live in the dry terrain near Lake Eyasi, south of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania and who have existed in this region for over 3000 years.

The Hadzabe people are nomads and thus don’t live in the same place for long. They only set up camp for several days or even months and then when they have harvested the resources of their current location, they move to another area. Their moves are normally influenced by climate changes and the availability of wild fruits and vegetation for their animals.