Once in a life time, Ballooning over the millions of animals in the vast open area.

Be with the endangered Great Chimpanzee ‘s in their natural habitat.


  • To be where the nature really belongs,
  • Great opportunities to see where we came from,
  • Feel,see,smell and touch the nature,
  • Exploring the great Migration on earth,
  • Enjoying the scenery and landscape like never before.


Arriving at Jomo Kenyata International Airport and meet your private journey host and he will take you to the Hotel know as House of Waine outside Nairobi.It’s located in the suburb area about 45 minutes drive from the airport and
You will spend One night in a nice and quite place with friendly and charming people.


Today,We will fly to Kichwa Tembo after breakfast and land at the private airstrip which is very close to the Bateleur Camp. The best camp in the Maasai Mara Reserve and the Member of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World.
Enjoying the camp overview the Mara Plains and this will be the best way of starting your African experience.
After the delicious lunch at the camp we will head out for our afternoon game drive enjoying the scenery and fantastic landscape with lots of animals. Masai Mara is the place where they are doing the Big Cat’s Diary,that make it to be the best place to find cats of Africa.


Exiting early morning drive, after wake up call with some hot Chocolate or a cup of Coffee. Looking for the African cats and other resident game like elephant,hippos,buffalo,giraffe and some antelope that you can find in the area. I will take you to the fantastic view of the Mara river, and we will have our splendid breakfast while watching the hippo wallowing and the Giant Crocodiles busking in the sun. we will take our drive back to the camp for hot lunch, you will chill a bit for the afternoon game drive which will leave the camp around 16:00 hrs..
This afternoon we will do another game drive,and more exiting before we end up our day,we will sit somewhere special with chilled Gin and tonic while enjoying the dramatic sundowner on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Dinner will be served in beautiful antique dining area.


This is the Ballooning day, wake up very early in the morning and float above the Masai Mara plains.The Mara is the Maasai word which means spots .From the air you will have the great view of the vast open area of the Masai Mara and lots of game beneath you.This is the life time experience.After landing,You will find a breakfast ready for you!Enjoy the breakfast and take the smooth game drive to the camp.
The afternoon will be a nice walk.Your Private Journey host will take you to see things that can not be seen easy during Game drive,like nice flowers,animal footprints and some interesting insects like ant lions etc.
Tonight we will dine under the beautiful Africa sky with shining stars,depending on the weather.


Morning departure for Wilson airport about 1 hr flight,we will catch the flight going to Tanzania landing Kilimanjaro for international check in, where by, we will connect with the other flight landing Manyara Airstrip which is located to the edge of Great Rift Valley.It will take us about 45 minutes to get to Manyara airstrip.I know was a bit tired,breath out for the long flight with nice cold bear or soft drinks after landing. We will drive to the entry gate and find a fantastic picnic site for our lunch.
After lunch, we will take the fantastic two hours game drive to get to the camp.We will be driving in the Park where we will be able to see lots of Elephant and other animals. About 450 species of bird you can find in the park. The calls are incredible good. Arriving there with warm welcome from Lake Manyara Tree Lodge team.
Tonight the magic ingredienter “chef” will bring the touch of theatre to dinner which will be served in the open dinning Boma.


After Breakfast we will go out for the full day game drive with picnic lunch in search for the Manyara Tree Climbing Lions. Lake Manyara is the most diversity park for its richness of habitat. Not only the best place to see tree climbing lions,the park has the massive number of other animals like giraffes,baboons,Buffalos and as well as the antelope called klipspringer {a small antelope similar to the chamois with its agility to climbing and leaping on rocky habitat}.The birds life is magic,the Hornbills,flamingos,pelicans and many other birds of prey like Eagles and Falcons you can find them in the park.


After breakfast we will depart to the Ngorongoro Crater. The drive will take us at least four hours.Driving through the park for two hours and we will get out of the Lake Manyara National Park, We will stop in very nice curio shop,for shopping and then driving through the fantastic colored town called Karatu. Lots of farming around on the reach red soil. We will check in the Conservation area gate clearance and drive up in the spectacular rain forest. First view of the crater ”’whaoo!! the finest wild animal concentration to be seen anywhere on earth”’. Arrive at the magnificent lodge with breath taking view of the crater.
We will have our lunch then we will have the option to take the drive in the crater floor or I will take you to share the knowledge of one of the few tribe in Africa that still practice their culture.I will love to see you making fire by using the stick and wood after we show you how to do it. “Perfect”


Having our breakfast down the crater floor will make the perfect experience.That’s mean leaving the lodge early in the morning. We will be looking for the black maned lions,black rhino’s,hyenas those they change the lions behavior to be more scavengers than hunters. The crater have nice forest called Lerai,”Masai word for the yellow backed acacia tree” with the famous Africa acacia tree know as “Fiver Tree”.The forest support life of animals like Leopards,Elephant with massive tusks,hyraxes, and the bird life is amazing.
When we get back to the lodge you will refresh and be ready for the cocktail before the massai blow your mind up with their traditional dance.


After breakfast we will leave the lodge going to catch the flight to the endless plains” Siringet”Masai word which means an endless plain! The Serengeti National Park is the second biggest park in Tanzania with the area of almost 15 000
km2 .. We are going to spend three night in this Luxury mobile camp Serengeti Under Canvas,which moves with the Great Wildebeest Migration.We will drive to the camp after a short flight from the manyara airstrip. Have lunch under the umbrella tree at the camp and there after taking the afternoon drive going to see the resident animals and birds that are around the area. When the night fall before dinner we will share the Southern hemisphere constellations as well identify the night sounds like hyenas,lions,and nocturnal birds like owls etc.


This are the days for exploring the Great Wildebeest Migration. Full day game drives is the best idea for this one. We will go and explore the vast plains with thousands of hundreds of animals. Over two millions animals participate in this great migration including more than 250 000 Zebras,500 000 Gazelles,Elands,Topi. Some cats are following the heads as well as the hyenas. We will have lunch with the sounds of the wildebeest surrounding us. Its is the unforgettable experience .The Serengeti National Park has a lot offer.Southern is the place where they find the earliest Hominid dated back to 3.6 mya the Oldupai Gorge,good museum, exploring the gorge for at least 45 minute to see how do scientist excavate.

Another unique thing which i can’t wait to show you is the black sand which is moving, that massai using it for sacred, I will love to take you there,it’s possible to go there in the month Dec to end of May. “You will love it” There is much more is happening to the rest of the other month, like going to see the amazing tribe that living in the Lake Victoria {The biggest lake in Africa}shore, and to show you how &beyond support that community.


This is the day of the journey that will take us to see our closely relative Chimpanzees in South West of the country “Mahale Mountains”. After breakfast we will take the flight to Arusha airport then connect to Mahale.

Mahale Mountains is home to some of Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees: a population of roughly 800 (only 60 individuals forming), habituated to human. Tracking the chimps of Mahale is a magical experience. That is where our eyes will pick out nests – shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky,Scraps of half-eaten fruit and fresh dung that become valuable clues, leading deeper into the forest.

We will stay in Graystork Mahale Camp.6 double-bandas set on the edge of the forest at the base of the mountains. All look out over a wide beach across the waters of the lake Tanganyika. We will arrive and climatize along the lake shore. Sundowner at the dhow and dine in the beach under the night sky.


I will take you on a hike into the -forest in search of the chimpanzees , slow forest walks will allowed us to see other primates,like endemic race of Angola colobus monkey,black and white colobus. Bushbuck, bushpig, and amazing birds, colorful butterflies.

Fishing, kayaking out into the lake or along the shoreline, beach dinners under the stars, and sundowners on the dhow.
Its amazing to be in the world’s longest, second-deepest and least-polluted freshwater lake – harbouring an estimated 1,000 fish species and the water is crystal clear.


After breakfast we will take the fly out for the spice tour in Zanzibar and enjoy Stone town tour and relaxing to private Island Mnemba. Romantic candle light dinner and tales of the most amazing experience you had in your previous 14 days of your life time.


Live the Island after lunch going to catch the International flight in Dar es salaam.

I hope you had enjoy and have a life time experience with good fun

“””Kwaheri””, “”””Karibu tena!!”””
Wishing you a safe journey back home.