HAKIKA is a Tanzania-based tour operator with experienced and enthusiastic professional safari guides. What sets us apart from all the others is our commitment to custom travel with experiences that are completely unique, specifically designed for each client’s style and budget. We are a relatively small company, owned and operated by people who have a passion for safari, with many of us having extensive first hand experience of living and working in the bush.

Each journey should be flawlessly arranged to provide the traveler a “worry free” experience. Our HAKIKA Signature “Meet and Greet” services, incredible private guides, and fabulous properties all make for that unforgettable itinerary. We work hand in hand to get to understand each and every client and partner with them to design the lifetime itinerary that will be memorable and unforgettable, with memories that last long after the photographs have faded.


Cysty Massay

Ranger Guide / Photographer

Cysty Massay, an accomplished ranger and guide, was born and raised in the Ngorongoro Crater. He acquired most of his wildlife knowledge and experience by living with the wildlife. He is a Safari Specialist and has been a Professional Guide for over 15 years, with a passion for all things big and small from insects, wild flowers, and reptiles to the infamous mammals that reside in East Africa. His love of birding grows every day.

Wildlife Photography and Conservation, and Community Projects are parts of his life. He work as a Naturalist combined with his enthusiasm for wildlife photography matched well after he graduated and joined guided safaris in East Africa. He has worked and guided safaris in Southern Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Today, he not only guides safaris, but leads photographers in East Africa in his specially equipped safari vehicle designed to enhance the photographic experience.

Cysty and his family are based in the outskirts of Arusha in Tanzania.

Vanessa Massay

Professional Adventurer

Vanessa was born on the slopes of the Mount Kilimanjaro and resides on the slopes of Meru. She has extensive knowledge and experience in planning both luxury and budget-minded, safaris in East and Southern Africa.

By design and desire, a professional adventurer, Vanessa’s passions include Africa’s natural places and beaches. She started planning safaris and island vacations while working with exclusive lodges. Vanessa has been to most of the camps and lodges in East Africa, which has enriched her soul with so many special moments.

She loves to  share her experiences and will ensure your safari is truly memorable and entirely unique.

Fabian {Kipunji} Mollel


Born and raised in the heart of Arusha, Fabian is well known by his nickname “Kipunji”, a unique species of old-world monkeys found in the southern forests of Tanzania. Like the monkey, Fabian is energetic, which he generously gives toward social causes.

As a graduate with four years’ of experience in contributing and managing community development programs and projects, Fabian is an excellent member of Hakika Africa team in achieving our company’s goals to provide support to vulnerable groups in the community, especially children. He is a key figure in the Penda Watoto Foundation.

Solomon “Mdudu” Mkumbo

Expert Ranger Guides

Solomon “Mdudu” Mkumbo is one of our expert ranger guides with over ten years of experience. Born and raised in central Tanzania where he acquired a vast knowledge of his country’s wildlife, Solomon attended college to advance his skills.

He is a ‘super birder’ with extensive knowledge of Tanzania’s ‘feathered friends’, and passionate about all the resident wildlife East Africa offers. Solomon is nicknamed ‘mdudu’ due to his wealth of knowledge about insects. He loves being ‘out in the bush’ with his guests and sharing his passion for all things in nature.